Whatever You Want

by Huh

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released June 7, 2016

Original songs by Huh. Engineered by Tony Calabro.

On this EP: Tia Vincent-Clark (guitar/vocals), Carrie-Anne Murphy (vocals/lyrics), Ryann Slauson (drums), and Amanda Morelli (bass)


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Huh New York, New York

Rock band from New York City.

Tia Vincent-Clark: guitar/vocals
Carrie-Anne Murphy: vocals
Ryann Slauson: drums
Molly Jean Schoen: bass

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Track Name: Dark
He told me the dark things on his mind
Said he didn't think I'd get it, I'm so full of life
Reprimanded again for feeling good

He read me his poetry, I didn't find it dark
It wasn't particularly dark
He bared his soul, it wasn't so dark

I'm not scared of the dark
I'm so bored of your dark
Get me out of this room
It can't be too soon

Deep thoughts he wants to share
I understand it, I just don't care
I'm not avoidant, it's always been there
Track Name: Anise
They all want to be my first
But my first was long ago
Maybe the imperial nature
Is coursing through their bones

And I was taught to believe there's no limit
To the love that I can give
But if I keep pursuing science
I just might locate it

I'm doing this for science.

Those bronzed men from Marseille
Never do a thing they say
Distract me with their eyes
And I start to fantasize

I drink their anise cocktails
And the stories they regale
It's just an experiment I conduct
When I wanna get a drink

Parisians are so blunt
They take you by the arm
And lead you to their flats
Then turn on the Old Word charm

And in flyover land
I was taken by a man
Who loved me in a barn
And I thanked my lucky stars
Track Name: Burn
I was born a liar
Took everything I could
I was born expecting a table full of food
Yeah I was born a taker
Never had to give
My parents tried to teach me something I had to live

I was born so happy
Sucking on a silver spoon
Didn’t see no harm in howling at the moon
Those were days of innocence
And innocence is shit
Now I’m old and growing up I see who pays for it

Well I came from everything
And to nothing I’ll return
So if you find my body, burn my body burn
Track Name: Stockholm
Tu me tires
Tu, toi, vaurien
Tu m'a trouvée, navigateur

Je peux pas m'échapper
Je veux pas te quitter

The heart wants what it wants
And my heart wants all at once
My body breaks in new ways
My mouth has a new taste

Eat every meal like it's the last
We made love like we could never last
And he could never last
And I could never last

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